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Warning: Facebook has broken the Social Viewer template with their recent announcement regarding access_token being required to access “posts”. An update to the template is available on the Source Code tab which should address this issue. This update also includes the fix for the previously identified Twitter authentication issue.

New Look and Feel: The most recent drops off the Source Code tab include a dramatic change to the look and feel of the template. This makes better use of the panorama control, including change of pace between vertical list, horizontal tiles and a menu. The menu links off to a pivot control which highlights the use of OnDemand feeds. As always feedback is always welcomed as we aim to deliver the best template for building social reading applications for Windows Phone 7.

Visual Studio Designer: The Social Viewer template does not support the use of the designer within Visual Studio. Please use Blend or hand-craft your page layout in XAML. There are two reasons for this decision 1) VS is the wrong tool for designing applications and with that in mind 2) we don’t have the bandwidth to try to support two design time experiences.

Project Description

The Social Viewer template is a Visual Studio template that allows you to jump start the development of a Windows Phone 7 application. It provides the foundations of an application that can aggregate multiple RSS/Atom feeds, Facebook and Twitter. There are also a number of extension points where you can override the default behaviour to load your own type of data feeds, load feeds on-demand, tailor the layout and the design of the application using design-time data in Expression Blend.

Twitter Issue

There is a Twitter authorisation issue with all Windows Phone 7 apps that integrate with Twitter at the moment.  The impact is minor for apps based on the Socialviewer Framework in that users will not be able to retweet news items.  This does not impact on the ability of the app framework to consume Twitter data sources.

Introduction Video

Check out the 5 minute introduction on using the Social Viewer Template, it'll save you a lot of time!!

Video is here.

You can find more information on extending the framework with code here.


  • Visual Studio 2010
  • Windows Phone 7 Developer SDK

If you don’t already have these installed you can get them from


Getting Started

  • Download the template (and the howto guide from the Downloads tab)
  • Copy the file to your Visual Studio 2010 templates directory (for example C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual C#\Silverlight for Windows Phone)
  • Run Visual Studio 2010
  • Create new project based on the Social Viewer template


  • Edit the App.xaml to include list of RSS/Atom Feeds, Facebook Pages and Twitter Ids (or search terms).
  • Group feeds etc into Lists
  • Change the artwork for the application
  • Customize……
  • Publish

>> More detailed instructions are in the How To document that is available from the Downloads tab.



  • RSS/Atom Feeds
  • Public Facebook pages
  • Twitter Id/Hashtags/search
  • Aggregation of updates into lists based on source, name, type or a custom filter.
  • Automatic or OnDemand loading of feeds
  • Read status tracking
  • Default structure:
    • MainPage - lists items
    • ReaderPage - viewing items
    • SettingsPage – social networking accounts
    • AboutPage – shows information about application inc feedback links
  • Facebook, Twitter and Email support for commenting/sharing
  • Caching of items for offline reading
  • 2 default view list views: 1 list showing all items or panorama view showing each list.
  • AdGac ( advertising support
  • Trial Period (full and limited functionality) support
  • support for sharing links

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